jennifer r. mccoy

author of Atlantis, Rene Learns Responsibility, From Start To Finish, & The Art of Love

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A Gal from Oz...or thereabouts

  Born and raised in the small town of Sterling in the heart of Kansas, I grew up with a love of reading and writing. It wasn’t until college that I began to seriously focus on the craft of writing (B.A. and M.A. in English, with focuses on Creative Writing). I also studied writing for Children and Teenagers at the Institute of Children’s Literature. 

   A nationally ranked heptathlete who trained for the 2008 Olympic Trials, I enjoy sharing my love of sports through coaching. I've lived in the DFW metro area for several years now, working as an English teacher, which is why my stories aren't nearly written and published as often as I like. Who knew teaching ate up all your free time?

   In the limited free time I have, I love watching movies, shopping at Half Price Books, and adhering to the demands of the four paw creatures who run my household. 

The People I Can't Do Without

Like any good writer, my stories wouldn't make it to the reading world without friends who help me along the way. Great thanks to the following, who help give me advice, find mistakes, spread the word, and even help me with book covers: Michelle Dalke, Tayler Wolfe, Kelley Whisler, Kaylie Zimmerman, Jessica Garvin, Erin McGinn-Thedwall. YOU ALL ROCK!