jennifer r. mccoy

author of Atlantis, Rene Learns Responsibility, From Start To Finish, & The Art of Love

Atlantis (young adult Greek mythology)

 Before Ancient Greece and the myth of twelve Olympic Gods, there was Atlantis...and her real kings and queens. 

  For all his twenty-four years, Heracles wanted nothing more than to work on his family's farm in the coastal village of Thebes. When a late night attack threatens to destroy everything he knows, Heracles must seek help the only place he knows ? Mount Olympus.

  Athena, daughter of the king, has been educated and trained for one specific job over the last 158 years - a job no one thinks will ever be needed until a young man stumbles upon her, asking for help.

  Together, Athena and Heracles must race against impossible odds and journey to Mount Olympus to prevent a war that's brewing - a war that could bring death and destruction to all. Athena vows to help Heracles defend Thebes and the citizens of Atlantis from the invading Titans ? no matter what the cost.

Passion. Defiance. Honor.

Discover the truth behind the legend.

"Although I was familiar with the characters of Heracles and Athena from other works, it was refreshing to see them taken into a new direction and given interesting character development... It's a well-paced and quick moving story... I'm looking forward to the next book to see where they go next!"  ~Irish Erin, Amazon 4 of 5 star rating

"This was a fun summer read! My poor husband was ignored all the way to a family wedding and back because once I started reading this book I was hooked, read all the way there...then finished it on the way home. Well-written story, exciting action and characters that were very "real". Now I can't wait for Book 2!"  ~K. Whisler, Amazon 4 of 5 star rating 

"I enjoyed reading this book. It has awesome imagery and strong characters. The author did a fantastic job of using the character's internal dialogue to further the story line."   ~TW, Amazon 4 of 5 star rating 





Burning of Atlantis (book 2 of Atlantis series)

Before Ancient Greece and the myth of twelve Olympic Gods, there was Atlantis...and her real kings and queens.
  After his village was attacked by foreign invaders, Heracles sought help directly from the militia's general, Athena. Eldest daughter of the King of Atlantis, Athena has vowed to serve and protect all, even if it means going against her father.
   Having informed the Olympic High Counsel of the pending danger from their greatest enemy, Athena goes missing and it's up to Heracles to find her. With the twins Artemis and Apollo by his side, Heracles braves the treacherous campsite of the Titans in order to rescue her.   
   Meanwhile, Athena, together with Ares, must be careful as they search for the truth while being interrogated by the leader of the mysterious Titans. The more she pushes, the more Athena discovers the darkness driving her father's past to resurface. But will she survive as the fire burns closer?

Passion. Defiance. Honor.
Discover the truth behind the legend.


Responsibility, Sportsmanship, Kindness, Honesty. 

Just a few character building traits that I believe parents should teach their children as they grow into adulthood. Way back in college I was inspired by a poster in a family friend’s classroom to write a series for young children that would give provide a real life example for children to learn the ‘good’ from the ‘bad’. In this series, both the child and parent discuss the definition of the trait and why that trait is of important value in the child's daily life. And in keeping with the child-parent relationship, these books are illustrated by my talented mother, Michelle Dalke. While only Rene Learns Responsibility is currently published, I have several others in development, including the following:


Rene didn't understand why her mom made her make the bed every morning when she was going to unmake it every night when she went to sleep. Rene didn't understand why her mom made her pick up her toys. And why did Rene have to keep her room clean?



Sammy attends his big sister's basketball game with his mom and dad. After one player shoves his sister to the floor, Sammy watches as another player from the other team helps his sister back on her feet. Not sure why she would do this, Sammy learns from his dad why this player showed good sportsmanship and what it means.


Kelly is outside playing when a new family begins to move into the empty house next door. Kelly goes inside to find his mom baking cookies for the family. She tells him it is an act of kindness, but what exactly does this mean? 



Heather and Holly are playing in the house when they hear a loud crash! Finding that they've broken their mother's favorite flower vase, the girls quickly put together a plan to fix it before their mother finds out. Or will she? The girls learn a valuable lesson in honesty in this short book.  

Other future Titles:

Polly Learns Patience

Oliver and Ox Learn Obedience

From Start To Finish (a sporty novella)

  In 2008, I had the meet of my life. Only one meet could possibly be any bigger in my career – the Olympic Games. But I never got there. In a split second my chances for a gold medal were gone, as was my future in track and field.

  Two years later, I started keeping this diary. Why? I wasn’t sure at the time, but turns out it ended up being a pretty good thing.

  Now, with an old friend (and ex-boyfriend), I’m trying to reclaim what I lost, but is that only limited to what’s on the field? Or do I get a second chance to finish what I started off the field too?

Read a personal account of an athlete’s struggle to prove that when everyone else has written you off, with determination in yourself, you truly can get a second chance to finish what you started. If you've love the sport of track and field or love sports in general, read a story about second chances, determination, faith, and love in my novella fit for all ages. On sale now for Kindle readers.

"This is a thoroughly good book. As always, the author provides an awesome amount of detail. Her track and field experience comes through in her descriptions of her character's actions and the Olympic events. The dialogue between the characters is just great. You cheer for the protagonist all through the novel. I would recommend this book to people of all ages."  
~TW, Amazon 4 out of 5 star rating

This Harlequin-like romance novel was written at the request of a friend of mine, Alyssa, who was on a romance kick after I forced her to watch one of my favorite romance movies, North & South by Elizabeth Gaskell (I couldn't get her to read the book, which I highly recommend in addition to watching this movie!) 

The story is set in a small, central Kansas town much like my hometown of Sterling and adding little things that reminded me of Sterling only made this story more fun to write. I hope you enjoy! Available right now for Amazon Kindles for $2.99.

The Art of Love (a classic romance)

   Richard Thornton is one of Britain’s most popular actors and in his quest to expand his audience, agrees to star as the male lead in a new romantic comedy in the U.S. The only catch is that he’s signed to act opposite Hollywood’s ‘it-girl’ leading lady, Darcy Hartmann, who uses her heart to snag co-stars as much as using her child-like temper to get her way on set.

   Small-town artist Kathleen Mouss is known around town as the military widow, but when she’s asked to open her aunt’s old Bed & Breakfast for the stars of a new movie, little does she know what excitement she’s opening the door to. Darcy is demanding, needy, superficial, and leaves Kathleen’s head hurting. Richard, on the other hand, is caring, attractive, charming, funny… and off limits!

   Finding someone who likes him for him and not the ‘actor’ him has proven difficult in the past, but as Richard befriends Kathleen he realizes that she could be that someone. But Kathleen’s romantic past has a dark secret, one that only her husband knew. When fate threatens to rip them apart, will the pair overcome their past and move into the future with each other?